Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bane of My Existence?

They look innocent in the photo, but these three are the culprits.  They are the reason for my current unfortunate circumstance.  They are the cause to my clumsy effect.  It's foolish to say "it's all their fault", because I'm the one who stepped in it, but they are the diggers.  They dig to stave off boredom, they dig to amuse themselves, they dig for the sheer joy of it!  How could they have possibly known that their pack leader would slide into one of their deep (3 foot, 10 inch), dark, perfectly executed tunnels?  

And now we're ALL grounded.

It's been 6 weeks since the fateful fall that broke my femur in two places, and landed me in surgery.  I'm still in a wheelchair, and I've not been able to play with the dogs.  Daily dog walks are a thing of the past.  After all,  I am the dog walker around here.  They are my dogs for all intents and purposes.  I am the one who insisted on rescuing each one of them.  I dragged Spike (the black one) and her sister, Sugar, home after finding them as tiny pups in the street a block from our home.  (Sugar has already gone to Dog Heaven, but that's another doggone long story).  

When Spike was about 8 months old, she escaped our yard and got hit by a car.  She nearly lost her leg, and I nursed her back to health for several months while she couldn't walkOver these past 6 weeks, Spike and I have been commiserating.  She and I both know who the lead digger is, and Spike is very, very sorry.  Little Shortie, (the red one) doesn't know what to make of the frightening walker, but she's gotten the knack of avoiding the wheelchair.  Lily, seems to have adjusted okay to having her tail run over by the wheels.  They all miss their routines immensely, but they seem to know their leader has fallen.  (pun intended)

So here I am, lounging in bed, late into the day, day after day.  I have lost all routine.  I have no ambition.  I have no hustle, no creative juices flowing.  I have no new real estate prospects. I've lost clients.  I have no income!   I didn't ask for this respite, and I am wondering what the hell I'm supposed to learn?  That I'm lazy?  'Cause I'm kind of getting used to being unproductive.  What do I want to do with my life once I can walk again?  Who knows?  All I can do right now is heal.  And all because on a glorious Sunday morning six weeks ago, while playing with Spike,  I stepped back and fell into a deep, dark, dog dug hole.

Yeah, I'd say they're the bane of my existence.  But not because I don't love them.  But specifically, because I can't walk them.



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