Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back in Business!

As a real estate agent, there is nothing that thrills me more than finding a fantastic new listing on-line at 11:30p.m., getting my buyer-clients in to see the home at 8:00 a.m. the next morning, (because I know it's perfect for them), writing up an offer for them because they love the home soooo much, feeling the excitement I know my buyers feel, and best of all, getting the offer accepted.

Since I broke my leg on March 6th, it's been pretty difficult to generate any real estate business.  I was referred to the above-mentioned wonderful young potential buyers on March 21st, just two weeks after my surgery.  I knew I couldn't drive to any appointments and I couldn't show any homes because I couldn't walk!  Nonetheless, I scheduled an appointment to meet the couple and show them homes, and my friend Jennifer agreed to drive me (my first time out of the house post surgery).  I didn't mention on the phone that my leg was broken.  My new clients found out when they met me in person, and they were more than happy to have Jennifer show them five homes that evening.  

Over the course of these past three months, my buyers have looked and looked and have made several offers.  They have gotten to know my drivers:  Steve, Brian, and Jennifer.  They lost out on a great house, patiently waited for weeks on a "Short-Sale" that didn't pan out, and passed on many other homes that just weren't quite right.  They saw me go from a real estate agent stuck in the car in her sweat-pants, to a real estate agent in modified professional attire walking with a cane!

After the excitement of finding this couple the home of their dreams yesterday morning,  Steve and I went to senior water aerobics and Steve saved the life of one of our 90 year old classmates--she had gotten in over her head and panicked, and Steve carried her to safety while soothing her fear.  Then we went to the doctor for my three month post-op follow up,  where I was granted permission to start driving, and I was told I can discontinue physical therapy.  

All in all a great day on my road to recovery--I am back in business!


  1. THE BEST POST YET!!! Wonderful news, Holly and I can't wait to see you again soon!!!

  2. Awww, I'm so glad you're getting up and around. Looking forward to some sister time soon!
    Love you.


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