Sunday, July 31, 2011

The New Normal

I just got home from my first traveling vacation since my fateful fall.  I flew to San Francisco, California with my friend Brian, and we met up with a friend from L.A. acting days (hadn't seen her in 15 years),  then we attended a reunion with old theatre friends on the Russian River.  After Brian flew back to Nashville, I stayed five extra days and went on a road trip with my two sisters to the Monterey area, where we hooked up with two of our cousins for an extended girl's va-cay!

I love traveling, and it feels normal to me.  I've been blessed with many traveling adventures in my life so far.  Checking in and going through security are as natural as drinking a cup of coffee.  This time, however, I had to tell the security officials that I have a metal plate and screws in my leg.  At the Nashville airport, they simply told me to go through the big 
x-ray machine and I didn't set off any bells or whistles--what a disappointment--no fanfare of any kind!  Since I usually travel on Southwest Airlines, I knew about their open seating policy, and I was prepared to ask for a "pre-board" pass, so I could be seated before everyone else and get an aisle seat where I could stretch out my right leg.  All I had to do was show the ticket agent my 12-inch gnarly scar over my knee, and I got to pre-board!

Months ago, my surgeon told me that at six months I would be completely back to normal.  I'm still counting the weeks and it's been 21 weeks today since my accident.  Almost everything is "back to normal" except it's a new normal.  I walk with a different gait, (a slight limp) and I walk very carefully, especially up and down stairs.  

I feel so fortunate to be traveling again, and many times over the past two weeks I forgot I ever broke my femur!  

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